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ReSeal is a laboratory tested and field proven premium liquid tire sealant that will protect your tires from punctures up to a 1/4". The technologically advanced blend of polymers and fibers - with the power of Kevlar - instantly and permanently seals bead leaks and tire punctures from nails, thorns, sticks and other small debris. Most importantly ReSeal reduces costly downtime due to tire repairs. In addition to tire flat proofing, ReSeal extends the life of tires, prevents rust and corrosion, helps maintain consistent air pressure and is environmentally safe. Ideal off-road tire applications for ReSeal include skid steers, ATV's & UTV's, golf carts, mowing equipment, material handling equipment and farm & construction equipment.

How does ReSeal work and how is it installed ? Reseal is pumped into the tire through the valve stem and remains liquid for the life of the mounted tire. As the tire rotates, centrifugal force spreads ReSeal evenly over the interior tire tread area. When the tire is punctured, thousands of strong interlocking fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any air loss. Installation is easy ! Simply use the ReSeal Volume Chart to determine the correct amount of liquid tire sealant for your application. Then follow the detailed instructions in the ReSeal Instruction Guide for a step by step installation procedure. You can also check out our Reseal Video Demonstration(2.35 min)

Arnco Ecofil: Ken Jones Tire is pleased to announce a brand new line of tire flat proofing material manufactured by Arnco. This revolutionary type of tire foam fill was designed with as much concern about the environment as for your equipment, operators and your bottom line. The result? An exciting new 100% flatproofing formula called Ecofil. This new line of flatproofing fill is largely derived from natural, earthly, renewable resources and requires 50% less oil than traditional tire fills. Oil has always been one of the main components in the manufacturing of tire fill. If the price of oil goes up so does the cost of the tire fill. So, using less oil not only helps conserve a valuable natural resource, it also helps protect our customers against rising prices. And, of course, genuine Arnco flatproofing provides greater cost savings by eliminating tire repair costs, lost wages and productivity due to down time.Ecofil ApplicationsEcoflex: Ecofil is currently manufactured in three different grades/formulas to meet particular load, ride and traction needs. At Ken Jones Tire we always strive to give our customers premium products with exceptional value and that is why Ken Jones Tire uses Ecoflex Ecofil flatproofing. Compared to the standard tire foam fills on the market, Ecoflex is much softer and provides an air-like ride. A softer, air-like ride means less axle stress, less bent wheels, less jolts and vibrations, longer tire wear and a broader footprint for increased traction. Other benefits include constant tire pressure for life of tire, extra ballast for improved stability and elimination of blow out hazards. It is the ideal tire flatproofing solution for lawn tractors, skids steers, golf course equipment, farm tractors, backhoes, trenchers, utility vehicles and construction equipment. Major OEM's such as Mustang and Gehl have approved Ecoflex for the use on their machines. Eliminate 100% of flat tires with Ecoflex....Just Fill It and Forget It !

What is the Ecoflex process ? Pumped into the tire through its valves stem, Arnco's liquid flatproofing polymer replaces all of the air and cures to a resilient rubber-like core in 24-48 hours. All foam filling is done at our place of business. The process includes 1) Inspecting your tire and wheel for defects. 2) Prestretching the carcass overnight. 3) Pumping the tire fill into the tire at the correct temperature. 4) Pressurizing the tire to the recommended inflation pressure. 5) Curing at the proper time and temperature to insure optimum filled tire performance.

The leader in Specialty Tires and Tire Chains Market for over 70 years. Whether you need atv tires or trailer tires, truck tires, tractor tires, lawn equipment tires, or golf cart tires, Ken Jones is dedicated to providing quality service, brand name tires, and value added services. Our experienced staff can recommend the right tread for the job when you need forklift tires, backhoe tires and skidsteer tires.


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