Armour Big Dog

Armour Big Dog R-4 Tires for Aerial Lift Applications

  • Armour Big Dog Tires are skid steer tires that are also used for aerial lift , boom lift and tele handler applications.
  • Heavy duty and are classified as high quality tires with a REASONABLE price tag.
  • Feature a wide lug tread pattern that provides optimal traction and grip on both smooth and rough terrain.
  • Designed with a flat profile for increased surface contact and stability.
  • Manufactured with premium compounds for maximum tire life and increased cut & chip resistance.
  • Designed with an extra thick heavy sidewall and rim guard to protect against side impacts and sharp debris.
  • This range of tires has been developed for intensive use on skid steer loaders, backhoes, aerial lifts, scizzor lifts and rough terrain forklifts.
Manufactured by: Armour
Model: Big Dog

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Armour Big Dog Tires for Aerial Lift Applications