Carlisle Black Rock M/S

Carlisle Black Rock M/S

Carlisle Black Rock M/S

Black Rock M/S Features & Benefits:

  • Mud-specific UTV tire
  • Black Rock M/S is equipped with a unique tread design for increased traction control in loose and muddy terrain.
  • Incorporates “mud spikes” tattooed in the void area of the tire design. The mud spikes break the suction often associated with deep, soupy mud and the spikes work in conjunction with the V shaped dimples of the uniquely designed lugs to evacuate mud from the tire.
  • Massive 1.2 inch tread depth provides the bite needed to maintain forward motion in extremely muddy conditions.
  • Carlisle's proprietary tread formulation balances maximum wear properties with excellent chip and tear resistance.
  • 28x9x14 6 Ply Carlisle Black Rock M/S UTV Tires

    28x9x14 06 Carlisle Black Rock M/S

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