Tread Design Guide

Photo of a smooth tread design lawn mower tire


   Smooth Tread

   Offer the least amount of damage to turf but little to no traction.


   Smooth and Straight Rib tires are used on front swivel casters for commercial ZTR (zero turn)mowers. Larger sizes are used for golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Smooth, Kenda K404 Smooth and Carlisle's Reliance Flat Free Smooth Tires. There are also some Mower Tire & Wheel Assemblies available with a smooth tread.

Straight Rib Lawn Mower Tire Tread Design

Straight Rib

   Straight Rib Tread

   These tires are engineered with channels to help disperse water to create better traction. A non-aggressive rib design provides    smooth and easy rolling with minimal turf disturbance.


   Designed for both commercial and residential mowing equipment and applications. These are commonly used instead of smooth    tread design on front castors for ZTR mowers.These can also be used as an excellent flotation tire for lawn trailers, tractor attachments, transport vehicles and farm implements.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Straight Rib and the Deestone Straight Rib.

Chevron Turf Lawn Mower Tire Tread Design

Chevron Turf

   Chevron Turf Tread

   These tires provide excellent traction on turf and grass.


    Designed for both commercial and residential mowing equipment and applications. Commonly used on garden tractors, walk-behinds, turf maintenance vehicles, golf carts, snow blowers and utility vehicles.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Turf Saver and the Deestone D265.

Diamond Turf Lawn Mower Tire Tread Design

Commercial Turf

   Commercial Turf Tread

   These tires provide superior puncture resistance, long tire life, outstanding traction and minimal turf damage.


   Designed for commercial mowing equipment and applications.

   Popular Products:

    Carlisle Turf Master, the Carlisle Multi Trac C/S, Deestone D838, BKT LG-306 and the OTR Grass Master.

Wide Footprint Chevron Turf Lawn Mower Tire Tread Design

Wide Footprint Chevron

   Modified or Wide Footprint Chevron Turf Tread

   These tires feature an extra wide footprint that provides excellent weight distribution with minimal turf damage and compaction.


   Designed for commercial mowing equipment and applications. Generally used on golf course fairway mowers and other maintenance    equipment.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Ultra Trac

photo of a R/S Tread Style

R/S Turf

   Round Shoulder R/S Turf Tread

   offers all-around performance and maneuverability with a balanced profile and tread depth.


   R/S Tires are generally used on residential mowers and garden tractors.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Turf Trac R/S.

photo of a lug traction tread design on a lawn mower tire

Lug Traction

   Lug Traction Tread

   These tires have deep-traction lugs designed to meet all high traction demands.


   Lug traction tires are often used for tillers, trenchers, ditching machines and garden tractors.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Super Lug, Carlisle Power Trac, Carlisle Tru Power Lug.

photo of the fast Trax tread design from Carlisle

Fast Trax

   Fast Trax Tread Design from Carlisle

   Fast Trax offers increased traction combined with a low profile and is typically used on professional riding mowers where hillside traction is desired.

   This tread design is exclusive to Carlisle.


   Commercial & residential riding \mowers requiring traction on hillsides.

   Popular Products:

   Carlisle Fast Trax