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Leaf Vac & Mulch Hose

Leaf Vacuum, Lawn Vacuum & Mulch Hose

Replacing hose for your leaf vacuum, lawn vacuum and mulch blowing equipment can be confusing. With various types of polyurethane materials, flexibility and other factors to consider, sometimes you just need to be able to call and ask an expert to help you find what you need. That is why we answer the phone, and will help you find the right lawn & leaf vacuum hose for your equipment, application and budget!

Call 1-800-669-1467 to speak with a Leaf Vacuum Hose Expert

Leaf Vacuum Hose & Mulch Hose

Which Hose Is Best For You?

We’ve made a simple chart below showing the various characteristics of the hose we carry. Hopefully this will make the decision process easier when choosing flex-hose.

FLEXADUX  T-7W Black w/ yellow wearstripphoto of Flexadux T7W vac hose Medium weight wire reinforced Thermoplastic Rubber w/ external wearstrip Most economical , all purpose, black hose. Designed for homeowners as well as occasional to moderate commercial use. Great for grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, etc…. Better SemiSmooth Better Least Expensive
FLEX-TUBE PV Clear w/ black helixphoto of Flextube PV vac hose Medium weight coextruded PVC hose with external PVC helix Best for homeowner or light duty commercial applications. Great for grass clippings, leaves or other soft material. Clear with a smooth interior wall for excellent flow of material. Better Smooth Good Moderate
FLEX-TUBE TR Black w/ black helix Medium weight coextruded Thermoplastic Rubber hose w/ external polypropylene helix Heavier duty than the T-7W or PV. Black with a smooth interior designed for moderate to heavy duty commercial use. Good Smooth Better Moderate
FLEX-TUBE PU Clear w/ yellow helixphoto of Flextube PU vac hose  Medium weight coextruded Urethane hose w/ external ABS helix Our best hose for heavy duty commercial use. Clear with a smooth interior . Extremely puncture resistant against twigs, small stones, acorns, etc…. Highly recommended for straw, bark or mulch blowing. Better Smooth Best Most Expensive

More Hose Specifications & Product Information

Product Construction Wall Thickness Temperature Flexibility Color Interior Puncture Resistance Price
Flexadux® T-7W 1 1/2" - 24" Medium weight wire reinforced Thermoplastic Rubber w/ external wearstrip 0.03 -60° to 275° Better Black w/ yellow wearstrip Semi-Smooth Better Least Expensive
Flex Tube®PV 2"- 12" Medium weight co-extruded PVC hose with external PVC helix .030 (2"- 3") .035 (5"-8") .040 (9"-12") 20° to 160° Better Clear w/ black helix Smooth Good Moderate
Flex- Tube® TR 2" - 10" Medium weight co-extruded Thermoplastic Rubber hose w/ external polypropylene helix .026(2"-5") .035(6"-8") .040(10") -60° to 275° Good Black w/ black helix Smooth Better Moderate
Flex Tube® PU 2" - 12" Medium weight co-extruded urethane hose with external ABS helix .032 (2") .033(3"-5") .035(6"-8") .040(10"-12") -40° to 200° Better Clear w/ yellow helix Smooth Best Most Expensive

How to Choose the Right Leaf Vacuum Hose

For more helpful videos on choosing the right replacement hose, visit our website dedicated exclusively to lawn vac, mulching and leaf vacuum hose-