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Loader & Grader

Loader Tires & Grader Tires

OTR Tires, Loader Tires & Grader Tires are generally equipment and surface use specific and are generally considered off road use tires. Due to the various applications and types of surfaces these machine operate on, you may need to consult with one of our tire experts before you choose. Ken Jones carries the best selection of brands and (even hard to find) sizes, and offers exceptional product support for OTR tires. Just give us a call at 1-800-225-9513 and we will help you find the right tire for your needs and your budget!
OTR Tires, Loader Tires & Grader Tires

Choosing the Right Tread Design

  • OEM or original manufacturers equipment is the main deciding factor when replacing these tires. Did the tires live up to your expectations? If you were happy with their performance, and are planning on continuing the same types of applications and surface uses, you may want to replace with the same brand and tread design.
  • Other than what comes Original Equipment on the loader from the factory, surface usage is the main factor in choosing a tread design.
  • An aggressive tread design, called an L-2,is designed for soft surfaces, such as garden nurseries and mulch yards
  • Hard surface or rock tread, called an L-3, is for quarry and road use.

Load Capacity Considerations

  • The size of the loader and the work load determines the weight requirements of the tires or tire's ply rating.
  • Loader tires come in 12 ply and up to 20 ply ratings. The higher the ply rating, the more weight carrying capacity of the tire.
  • A tire’s ply rating can be found on the sidewall of the tire.

The Best Loader Tires, Grader Tires & OTR Tire Brands

Ken jones tires carries many different brands of loader tires including(and many more): Armor Titan BKT Mitas Deestone Aeolus

Important Tips from the OTR Tire Experts at Ken Jones

Since most newer model loaders are outfitted with radial tires and are more sensitive to exact overall tire diameter, it is very important to try to match the height of your replacement tires with the original tires. And as is the case with most machines, you should not mix radial and bias tires.   Any questions with choosing the right OTR, Loader or Grader Tires? Just give us a call!

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