Screw In Tire Studs

Removable Screw in Tire Studs for Tires and Tracks

Screw in tire studs are a perfect solution when you need extra traction and may not have the clearance for tire chains. At Ken Jones Tires we are very familiar with harsh icy and snow conditions that winter brings. Off-Road vehicles such as skid steers, fork trucks, farm tractors, compact tractors, ATV's and utility vehicles, and various construction machinery all experience traction difficulties on icy surfaces. A quality set of tire chains has long been the solution but not necessarily the best solution for every circumstance. You may have equipment that doesn't have enough clearance for tire chains. Maybe you just cant find tire chains that will fit your equipment. Or maybe you just prefer not to install or use tire chains. Whatever your particular pain is- MAXIGRIP ICE STUDS are the solution!

ATV Tire Studs

ATV Tire Studs provide extra traction for your ATV/UTV on all types of terrain and conditions. These removable screw in tire studs are great for use on ice, snow or even rocky, muddy terrain.

Screw in Tire Studs are great for rubber tracks too!

Testimonial for stud use with rubber tracks:Dave owns a skid steer with rubber tracks and was having problems maneuvering his machine on hard pack snow and ice. He installed screw-in ice studs on all outer edges of the tracks and on alternate inside tread lugs. he was thrilled. "Unbelievable. It's like night and having new tracks on my machine. I am i awe of the difference. Before I had to slow my machine or crawl. Now I can go full speed!"
Dave L.
Hardwick, MA

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HM Studs

For equipment or over the road vehicles that operate on fairly flat surfaces. the stud is installed with the carbide head almost flush with the surface of the tire or track.


CTS Studs

For off road equipment that operates on uneven surfaces where more traction is needed. The large carbide head protrudes well above the surface of the tire or track.

Maxigrip Ice Studs

  • Provide superior traction for equipment unable to use tire chains due to limited clearance.
  • The best option when tire chains will not fit or may cause damage to the equipment.
  • Intended for off road vehicles and equipment.
  • MAXI GRIP ice screws are very easy to install.
  • Can be easily dismounted so you can use season after season.
  • Manufactured with an extremely durable carbide tip.
  • Subjected to several field tests during the development phase to obtain the highest quality.
  • Broad spectrum of usability including ATV's, fork trucks, skid steers, farm tractors, compact tractors and various construction equipment.

HM Series Product Descriptions



This stud is 15 mm and requires a tread depth of at least 14 mm. Intended for mid-sized ATV's and smaller tractors and working vehicles.


This stud is 18 mm and requires a tread depth of at least 17 mm. Intended for larger ATV's, small tractors, compact loaders and fork lifts.


This stud is 25 mm and requires a tread depth of at least 24 mm. Intended for mid-sized tractors, fork lifts, contractor vehicles and compact loaders.


This stud is 30 mm and requires a tread depth of at least 29 mm. Intended for backhoes, large tractors, dumpers, loaders and other heavy machinery.  

Ice Stud Fitting and Basic Rules

ALWAYS CHECK THAT THE TIRE TREAD DEPTH IS SUFFICIENT BEFORE INSTALLING THE STUDS. Never fit a stud that is too long for the tires tread depth. For example, an 18mm stud requires a 17mm tread depth. 3mm of the stud should be raised above the tire surface. The 17mm tread depth plus the 3mm that the stud is raised above the tire surface gives you a total distance of 20mm. This leaves you with a margin of 2mm from the tire cords. If unsure, choose a shorter stud model. There are several sizes to fit various tread depths. To achieve optimal results, count the number of contact patches on the tire and make a strategy for fitting the studs. The MAXI GRIP HM Ice Stud is easily fitted and dismounted with a special installation tool. Initially, the tool is set to the basic setting to provide a 3mm projection of the stud above the tire surface. The projection could vary depending on the resistance of the rubber; in some cases the tool must be reset. Learning how to fit the studs is easy. In order to dismount the studs, the special tool can be adjusted backwards.