Smooth & Rib Mower

Smooth Lawn Mower Tires & Straight Rib Lawn Mower Tires

Smooth tires are designed for commercial mower applications when traction is not a consideration. Smooth tread designs allow the operator to turn on a dime without scalping or damaging the turf. Smooth tires are most commonly used as front caster tires on zero turn mowers(ZTR) .They are also commonly used on riding greens mowers, walk-behind mowers and front mowers. Wheelbarrow tires also can be found in this category.

Check out our lawn mower & lawn tractor tread design guide to help you choose.

Smooth Mower Tires & Straight Rib Mower Tires

Straight Rib mower tires are designed for both commercial and residential mowing equipment and applications. These tires are engineered with channels to help disperse water to create better traction. A non-aggressive rib design provides smooth and easy rolling with minimal turf disturbance. These are commonly used instead of smooth tread design on front castors for ZTR mowers. These can also be used as an excellent flotation tire for lawn trailers, tractor attachments, transport vehicles and farm implements.

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