Trailer Tires & Wheels for Boat Trailers, Utility Trailers, Heavy Duty Trailers & LPT Trailers

Trailer tires and wheels available in the best, most reliable brands in the industry for over the road (high speed) and off road use.  

Expert Product Support for Trailer Tires

With this type of product, it is extremely important to consult an expert for safety reasons. Overloading, improper inflation and ply ratings are the most common reasons for blow outs and failures. Proper Ply Rating and inflation pressures for specific applications and surface uses are important factors to be considered when choosing the right tire for your trailer.

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Trailer Tires & Wheels for Boat , Utility, Heavy Duty & LPT Trailers

We stock a huge selection of the best brands such as Carlisle and Deestone.



Carlisle, is the Official Tire of the American bass Anglers Line, and one of the most respected names in the industry. The are specifically designed for towing applications and speed safety.  Their latest features in the Radial Trail RH line combines two new Carlisle technologies; DuraTrail technology-high strength belt package with micro-fiber reinforcement and optimized  ply construction that offer improved load-carry capacity and lateral stability to reduce trailer sway. Heat Shield technology - combines heat resistant polymers that produce a tread compound with superior heat aging endurance.


Deestone is a high quality import brand. A manufacturer of both automotive and specialty tires, Deestone is known for their international standards of quality offered at reasonable prices.  

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